Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Weirdest things I've seen

Throughout my life I have seen some pretty weird and disturbing things. I will continuously add to this from time to time.

* It was late night and we saw this old woman walking by the sidewalk. Her eyes were blank and she was walking aimlessly right for the intersection causing a lot of panic to yielded traffic. Sleepwalking?

* I once knew this woman who had a perfectly normal pregnancy but she opted to have a c-section because she didn't want anything to happen to her genital. There was absolutely nothing wrong with her or her baby. Probably acting on some old wives' tales?

* While riding an elevator, this one woman, after talking for a brief moment with her companions, suddenly and mindlessly walked toward the closed elevator doors and bumped her head. She had no recollection for that span of time of what had happened.

* Saw a crazy kid piss in front of this well-known school highschool for girls. He wasn't just pissing on the wall he was pissing in front of the sidewalk facing the school in front of girls from all ages. ;)

... more to come

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