Saturday, May 02, 2009

My Oath To You, Ms. Right

Ms. Right,

I may not have met you nor do I know you yet but I do know that one day when I meet you or when you find this blog this will be my oath to you:
  • I know that there may be things you might keep from me and I respect that but I also hope you can do the same about me. I promise that I will try to share everything I can about me.
  • We may have our fights. I might say things that can hurt you and you might also do the same. I promise you, by the end of the day, I will still be here. I will still be with you. I will not leave you. I will not love you any less. I hope you will be strong enough to do the same.
  • I may not always understand you and you may not always understand me. This will be the cause of our conflicts. If this happens, remember the point above. Please do not mistake our shortcomings as weakness but opportunities to learn to make us stronger together.
  • I get jealous but I'm not smothering. I promise you that I will not ask you to change your life or who you are just for me. I accept you for what you are and who you are. If at all, I would wish that you never change.
  • The world is a daunting place and I'd imagine you'd have no problems facing it. I promise you that no matter what the world throws at us, I will be by your side facing the world with you. Never be ashamed or too proud to come to me.
  • I'm not supposed to spoil you but I promise you that I will try to give you everything you need.
  • I know you are not perfect and neither am I. I promise you that I won't demand you to be 100% perfect. Instead, I'm going to be that missing piece of you that will make you and us perfect.
  • Lastly, I know I may not uphold all of these things I said, but please help me remember them.
  • Most of all, if I am willing to grow old with you and I hope that I will never have to disappoint you or break your heart.

These things I offer you and these things I can promise you.


ka3nabonita said...

you really think you can do this chad? if yes..are there any other guys like you still existing? is it possible to make mrs. wrong like myself to ms. right? hehehehe

CH4:D said...

pfft! Behave, Kat! Diba you're married with kids na? hehehe...

To answer your first question, yes I've always done those things man. :)

CH4:D said...

Hopes and dreams of delusional romantic fool.

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