Thursday, July 02, 2009

Freedom is Sexy

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Be it the open air or tight places around the world, man has the gift of freedom in this world.

Do you think bureaucracy and politics can stop us from setting foot all around the world? I don't think so! The human being has unlimited potential even while standing still he can reach far and wide.

All these things can be accomplished if we have no one and nothing to weigh us down.

I advise all of you bachelors and bachelorettes out there to stay single "for as long as you can". Believe me, never a committed man or woman will ever give you any positive points for a long term relationship especially if one realizes there are still so many things they wish they did in their short bout of freedom. I have met fathers and mothers in my time. NONE of them ever gave me one piece of redeeming factor in commitment except for the thought if you only wanted kids, that is, if YOU want kids. I'm not sure most of you can withstand the screaming little hobgoblins ransacking your room.

Freedom is like currency or an asset. If you have to give that up you must assess the product you are trading. This is a commodity that gives you the luxury of being you.

NEVER give it up out of desperation or depression. If you know how to manage your life these won't be a problem.

NEVER ask someone to give up their freedom if they've only been free for a short time. While your stint with freedom may be long and exciting, robbing someone else of theirs will be inviting their regrets. To put it bluntly, don't get into someone who's way younger than you! They'll probably hate you for the rejection but in the end they'll be thankful.

Only complete people should add others to their lives. Never count on someone else to make your life complete. Make yourself whole by yourself first before reeling in someone to fill up some slack.

Lastly, NEVER give up your freedom completely. Be a free spirit. Free spirits can never be chained down. Always give time for yourself and yourself only. No cares and no worries guys! Live it up!

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