Monday, July 13, 2009

Goodbye to Friendster and my old life

Since 2001 I have always kept this account. I closed it once four years ago when some maligned girlfriend got jealous of a female friend who, surprisingly, is less attractive than her.

So, why, after nine years of patronizing them have I decided to close house and maybe for good?

Although a good friend of mine referred me to it over nine years ago, I was keeping it around looking for someone and hoping this someone would find me. That moment passed. I guess I was just too late to do anything and although I did find the person I was looking for, what I found and what I experienced was both satisfying and disappointing. Satisfying in that I no longer had to wait and wonder what happened to them. Disappointing because I didn't like what I found - BROKEN and hopeless. All these years it was like a big "I AM HERE" sign. That person eventually came and went. It's really weird how the network died for the past couple of months since it all went down. Nothing was moving. I had three friend suggestions - two of them are profiles of people I don't like - that's over a year old. My bulletins are a month old. Before you think I'm overreacting, every month the frequency of activity dropped. First it was "last updated 24 hours ago", then "1 day ago", "1 week" and so on. So please don't tell me I'm overreacting! Everyone was gone and no one even noticed I posted a bulletin asking them if they're okay.

Don't get me wrong! I love Friendster. I've stayed with them for nine years because nothing else makes me feel like home like them. I've tried Hi5, MySpace and I didn't even bother with Multiply because Friendster was it! As much as there are dreaded memories of "collectors" (members who merely connect to people at random with no intention of being "friends") and other various "relationships", I also have fond memories of it from the old and new friends I found and strengthening the bond between them. It was unforgettable.

You see, Friendster wasn't just MY WORLD it was A WORLD. All these years I've had friends come and go (I daresay even gone from this world) and I've had friends whom I've personally seen change through the years from highschool to college to careers and even (*ahem*) marriage. I was the non-participating witness to this world. Yes, I am that old, folks. I'm 31 now and I was a college graduate when I started in Friendster. With this much stuff to witness it really makes me want to wish I were immortal.

All these years I was stubborn to hold on to to certain people in my life. I let go of time and things but people I don't. I guess I was wrong. It IS time to let people go, especially, people you've lost somewhere in the corners of your past. After all, I am somewhat of an expert of letting go!

I guess somehow this was a sign for me. To move forward. To let go of the old life - the old me. There was something better and I don't mean that as a marketing ploy!

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