Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Engagement Ring

So there it was; on display. A white gold circular receptacle of unknown use (unknown to me) studded with a significantly large piece of glittering extravagance. For all I know it may have come from some starving country whose people's lives are lost for a piece of worthless rock whose value escapes me to this day.

It was alluringly beautiful. While I'm no jewelry expert, it was, by my own non-professional opinion, captivating. I wandered into the store asking how much it's worth. What ridiculous level of eccentric stupidity would this piece of metal and glass cost?

I walked out of that store 100T+ poorer, the saleslady expecting me to pop the proverbial question dreaded by married men and anticipated by romance movies. Oh, and I paid for it in full too! No installments. Straight swipe with the intention of paying for it online the next day.

Who? Why? What the fuck?

Who is the lucky girl, you ask? What lucky superficial bitch would be the sole recipient of this manifestation of my questionably unending loyalty? Who would have enough seductive firepower to bring Chad to his knees and surge his testosterone up to his overloaded brain resulting in a complete inability to think beyond all reason? Even in the more amusing side, WHO would marry me? Why would I want to buy someone's love - or at least some form of vaginal entry - with a fucking piece of molded metal embedded with polished shards of black glass? Before I begin to shock my disappointed female fans we all know quite well how, for the last few years, I have shown my distaste in the pointlessness of commitment. The answer may not surprise me but it does surprise a good number of people. The lucky girl is... no one. No one is receiving this outrageously and overrated expression of my love.

But why? Why would I squander 100T+ (over a month and a half of my salary) on a seemingly extravagant endeavor with no destined purpose but for myself? For myself it indeed is. Believe me when I say that this is not one of those "because I can" moments.

The reason why I senselessly bought this thing was not for a woman. Hell, I couldn't say it is an investment as what most people claim jewelry rewards. This is a reminder. An expensive reminder of a path in my life that is very distant and mythical - a path that I will probably never walk. A moment in my life that will most likely never happen. Why I am punishing myself with this expense is the sad sorry fact that, just like everything else I do, I do it for the kicks. Again, this is not "because I can" but rather "IF I can".

As I lie here in my bed staring at my most extravagant acquisition I cannot help but ask myself, is this the price of love? Alas, contrary to popular belief, love is NOT free. It glitters in the darkness more bright than the pollution-muffled glow of stars outside.


It costs roughly around P100,00.00. I put it back in its velvet case, snap it close and toss the metal scrap to the opposite corner of the room.


charee said...

whoah! sa akin na lang.. :p

ka3nabonita said...

i like a tattoo ring on my ring finger. cheaper. Give it to charity nalang kung ma ka. Or give it to me since I never had one. haha!

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