Sunday, January 17, 2010

Arrogant West

If there's one thing I can't stand is the attitude of white boys walking in like they own the whole damn world!

Ironically, a lot of western movies demonstrate this fact.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
When I saw that scene with the general and Optimus Prime arguing about their stay here on earth and the general asks if they will honor their request to leave their planet when their mini-skirmish with the Decepticons are over I was like, what the fuck?!

In the first place why the fuck do the Autobots require permission from North America to stay on earth? Do they own this world?

Optimus should have considered seeking asylum in other countries that needed their help. You know, like, maybe, China or North Korea, Optimus? I'm pretty sure the white boys would soooooo love that option! I can hear their bitching and moaning about weapons of mass destruction and how 20 foot robots are a threat to national security. Sheesh! Like we give a FUCK about YOUR national security! We're not about to sacrifice OUR pitiful region of the globe for YOUR concerns about why the chinks have bigger dicks err...rockets than you at the moment.

Ok, this is more recent so at least half of you retards (read, colonial mentalists) out there reading this could get my point. Sure, it's a great movie. Cameron actually waited more than a decade to get this show done. Did anyone actually get the point of the movie? The white boys are bullies not only in what ever island they land but on what ever planet as well!

Body of Lies
I must admit that no collective army is more of a masochist than I am. Muslim extremists, Persians, Jordanians and Iraqis have demonstrated far more superior strategic expertise than Roger Ferris and his pot-bellied boss and their high-tech toys you can practically and ironically buy off eBay. In spite of repeated generous servings of humble pie they still insist on penetrating terrorist cells and all the while also trying to remind Jordanians about their "generous" financial contributions to their cause and how that contribution can stop if they refuse to coordinate their intel. The sad sorry fact here is that all the money in the world cannot help them stop terrorists. It doesn't work that way and the rest of the world knows this! Why the hell can't they figure that out? Their brand of spying and stealing still boils down to brute force intimidation. It rarely works these days.

The damn list goes on and on and there seems to be limitless reminders of how arrogance and the people who patronize it is the epitome of human ignorance.

Note: If the CIA and FBI happen to have stopped by here feel free to hunt me down in a third world country who will refuse to cooperate with you. Why? Because not all the money in YOUR country can afford to hunt even a simple bag snatcher here. Plus the last time I heard your country has NO MONEY so better put all that extra dollars to good use. You know, like pulling back your troops from a pointless show of patriotic dick waving.

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