Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lost in Transmission

Let's face it: The online life and online community are here to stay. No contest.

My friend ichel posted a video about social network addicts that I have come to realize: SHIT! I'm showing signs of those!

Long before the Internet was mainstream I hung out at bulletin board systems (BBS) and before that I actively used terminal software to talk to someone else on the phone just for the heck of it. I mean, why the fuck would I do that if I simply could just talk on the phone without using a computer? And, YES, I'm a geek!

After almost two decades of wasting away my life online I have come to the sad realization that a huge part of me is now "out there". Pathetically speaking, most of my friends know me as being out there as well. They won't find me in the usual places but damned if you do, you'd find me online. Hell, even I am no longer good at being around REAL people! Mind you, I am not exactly anti-social. I like going to parties and going on drinking sprees. After all, I gained my independence at a post puberty stage. But.... there's just something more efficient for me doing shit online.

My work, sadly, is not spared from this kind of behavior. I hate attending meetings because I have trouble comprehending discussions and tasks but using the company's instant messaging client gives me no trouble at all even if there are around five to ten windows open at any given time - half of which are probably talking nonsense!

I prefer to read documents rather than talk to anyone on the phone (although doing both in this order doesn't bother me) because I'd be damned if I couldn't understand a single word they're saying. Most of the time I can no longer carry on conversations unless it is done through a chat window, in fact, I have trouble comprehending spoken conversations but I have no trouble reading anything on screen or paper no matter how crappy it was written. It doesn't even help that I have the attention span of a three year old.

I am tally dependent on what I can see rather than what I hear. I prefer if someone demonstrate something to me rather than just talk about it.

Quite frankly, I really need to UNPLUG. I need to get out of the real world and, like hell, I shouldn't even look back! I want my REAL LIFE back! I'm the only one who did this to me and I'm the only one who can set it right.

While it's true that I will forever remain glorious between the bits and bytes in Cyberspace, I will gladly give up that mediocre feat for this physical world.

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