Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why stopping movie piracy is political bullshit

I'd have to admit that a good part of my 160 pesos spent in watching a movie goes to wasting 30 seconds of my life watching an anti-piracy commercial. This along with the snickering of viewers behind me during the broadcast. Of course, it goes without saying that my grin has something to do with my guilt at watching pirated videos. Obviously, the reactions don't surprise me at all but what our "brilliant" national leaders fail to realize is why we bother to make and patronize pirated movies. This all the more makes this bullshit propaganda moot.

Let's face it, movie piracy is one of multiple problems in Philippine economy (I also think faggots screening talentless actors should be illegal). Hell, it's disturbingly overwhelming that visiting foreigners from western countries actually cringe and grin simultaneously at this. It is so rampant that we begin to think that this is actually mainstream media (As a kid I once thought that what I bought was a cheap original). It is so common that we even come to think of it as "legal"! But it isn't, is it? Piracy is a crime no matter how much of us actually accept it in our lives - like doing premarital sex in a hypocritically conservative and religious country.

You know what's another pathetic act of hypocrisy? A politician organizing a group to cater to the insipid act of deterring the sale of pirated movies. It kind of makes me wonder how much of our hard-earned taxes they are using to actually address the problem. If you look at it logically, we're actually paying twice for this needless endeavor. 1) We pay our taxes for our public servants to actually "do something". 2) We're also buying the same thing we're paying them to get rid of. Decisions. Decisions. This is a tough one isn't it?

For some unknown reason our "brilliant" politicians fail to see that piracy is an effect NOT a CAUSE. Look around you, Mr. Politician-Actor or whoever you are! Most Filipinos work at minimum wage. We are paid a fraction of what our western counterparts earn (to even think they are 100x broker than we are!). You sell us products from the west at the price only a westerner could afford. How do you expect us to afford that when we have not seen any results from your move to improve the Filipinos' quality of life? Yet you continue to distribute these pieces of overpriced crap in our country!

Basic human instinct in any society: if people have no means of acquiring even the simplest things, they WILL resort to crime! You of all people should know that! Piracy is just one clue of how inefficient your methods of improving our lives are!

You want to stop piracy? Stop chasing the pirates. Give us the means to do the right thing. Give use the motivation for honesty and integrity. Increase our average income so even a janitor or a security guard can afford a $30 Blu-ray disc. You know where the money goes if they can't afford it (that's right! The pirates! I'll bet they didn't teach you that in your PolSci class or Law school!). Improve our education so 90% of Filipinos actually know the difference between a Blu-ray labelled disc and a real one! Income is key!

If you do those things, who knows, maybe you can have more headroom for money to steal.

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