Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Psychological Benefits of Masturbation

Let's face it, guys. There's nothing like a quick wank to get the testosterone out of your system. To my love, I apologize in advance for the content contained in this blog. ;)

I admit there are times we just have the carnal urge to just get it on with anything with a hole. So my advice would be this: Do NOT resist temptation! Yes! Give in to the call to spank the monkey, polish the bishop, choke the chicken and all the other colorful discrete metaphors we can think of.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Everything in its time...

Tissot T-Race Nascar

My professional life has been recently wrought with just one criticism about me: An iherent lack of urgency. Mind you, it doesn't mean I don't take my work THAT seriously. But still, the white boys and their ass-kissing buzz fanatics seem to take this in a more, uhm, paranoid-the-sky-is-falling tone.

What others are yacking...