Sunday, July 18, 2010

Everything in its time...

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My professional life has been recently wrought with just one criticism about me: An iherent lack of urgency. Mind you, it doesn't mean I don't take my work THAT seriously. But still, the white boys and their ass-kissing buzz fanatics seem to take this in a more, uhm, paranoid-the-sky-is-falling tone.

Of course, I really don't want to go into the details of my personal paradigm that mere mortals are unable to fathom. You see, things don't always go as planned and no amount of nuclear warfare or violent tree hugging is going to change that. This brings me to a very abstract concept of our existence: Time.

Time follows its own path and it triggers events by its own discretion. What people try to deny is the fact that when you set a specific moment in time for an event, it doesn't happen because you set it. It happens because a sequence of events roll into place consequentially leading to that moment. You may or may not be involved but, either way, it moves at its own pace. You can't make time go faster OR slower. That's a more harsh reality than death itself (be thankful with what time you have)! Note: At the time of this writing, time travel has not yet been invented.

Throughout my life I have come to realize that things DO happen for a reason. Events happen asynchronously or not but all events, no matter how trivial, in this great fabric of existence all play a role in things that happen or do no happen to us.

Sometimes a simple walk to a mall would lead me to very unexpected experiences and discoveries. Even my emotions, physical condition, and decisions ultimately play a role to be at a specific place in a specific moment in time. It is a hard concept to grasp but I gave up trying to understand it. The lesson is simple: WE ARE NOT IN CONTROL OF OUR LIVES. We are the rats in a psychology student's maze. We are the trains on the railroad with a sole origin and destination. Things simply just...HAPPEN. Period.

But what has all this abstract, albeit, mindless theology have to do with my job, you ask? Well, for starters, advanced, on time or delayed deliverables happen not at my discretion but several external factors beyond my control. Any seasoned project manager knows this!

I know I sound like some slacking employee justifying his work hours using Facebook instead of actually doing his job but here's the thing: When I do something I don't do it alone, I share my work with other people and other teams and I also need their cooperation. However, those "other" teams and people don't have MY team or me in their best interest. Hence, the priority is not me. This is not wrong, however, since if I were in their place I would put my own priorities ahead of theirs so don't call me a hypocrite. This also doesn't mean that things don't get done. They do. Just not in the time I would expect or define. Most offshore ass-kissing colleague would see this as me not doing my job but, sad to say here, even under the threat of death I cannot help move an entire project forward. If they had issues with it they should have talked with the people doing the holdup.

Anyway, to sum up this mindless rambling for the day, I follow a simple paradigm for patience: "Everything in its time WHEN its time". This advice taught me patience about many things and it doesn't necessarily translate to aspects of work. It's a work in progress but it's getting there.

If it happens it happens. If it doesn't then it may happen later... or not. That's time. That's life.

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