Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My New Blog Direction

Okay, this has somewhat gone far enough. After many days of brainstorming as to what to blog next I begin to think that maybe this isn't my thing.

Now, now there! Before you all get flustered up to a rave that this will be my last ramble this is merely a metaphor to an end. That's right, I'm ending all this rambling of derogatory remarks unless it is meant for the betterment of my countrymen.

From now on my ramblings will be targeted towards inspiring, motivating and guiding my fellow Filipinos. And if that doesn't work you'll get the usual, albeit, painful, slap of reality that I am notorious for. If you are wondering what forces of nature or what god of what religion moved me to make this life-changing decision then the answer is simply you.

[Serious mode ON] What people may not know is that I am a frustrated businessman (read no business at all). I would like to start a business so why am I not starting one? Well, just like every other Filipino out there, I have less than enough money to actually convince the drooling wolves at the banks that I need cash to start a business. I have completely no idea what to provide OR what to sell.

What has that got to do with any of this? Simple folks! As I've said, I want to help. The basic concept of a business is that you see a need and you fill a need (except for the most part everyone's doing the same thing you're doing). Not only do you provide something for the people, you also provide opportunities and jobs as well as feed spending power for the economy. You do not help a country get rich by being stingy (note: stingy and smart shopping are different things). Everyone holds on to their money in place and the entire economy comes to a grinding halt.

Now I can't start a business because I don't know how. So therefore there is no way for me to help Filipinos by providing more jobs. This left me stumped as to how to contribute. Honestly, as much as I like to see myself as an overpaid slacker the thought that I can't help Filipinos is much more frustrating. So then I realized that if you want to help, you have to contribute in your own little way. Little things from a lot of people add up to a greater good. This is when it dawned on me, if I can write all this shit up and ruffle a few feathers, why the hell not should I aim it to do something more productive and at least hope that it's as close to resembling any trace of humor? So with a little motivation and some observation with some of my readers I snapped into this idea of a redirection. That plus another reality check that I don't want to be like some of my relatives who relish the thought of misery and take great pleasure in seeing others fail (It's not fun when it's real, actually.)

So here it goes. As we all can see, our country is still at some degree of momentum but we still have a long way to go. Our rookie President is taking baby steps on his position. While I am in no way pressuring him to make great strides for our progress I am, on the other hand, expecting us to be behind him for his guidance. Let me reiterate that a President merely guides a country. To build a country requires ACTION from its citizens. Simple as that. If something goes awry it is not the President's fault. It is YOUR fucking fault for not doing your part in the first place. Bitching won't help this country and, oh, we really love to bitch about a lot of things, do we? This is not the west, my fellow Filipinos, this is the Philippines. We were not raised to be spoiled brats. We were raised as slaves, freed by blood and given an independence way before its due time. I would at least expect a little humility and some degree of common sense. We are building a country, not yet reaping the fruits of its labor. We can bitch AFTER we get something done and have something to bitch about not something that you are obligated to fix in the first place.

[Serious mode OFF] Lastly, NO! To those of you who have taken offense in some of my earlier posts you will not be getting an apology here, tomorrow or EVER. So you can continue to spend your sleepless nights lulled by my harmonious words of derogs about fags, celebrites, broke westerns and ugly people.


lindo said...

very nice article...so what it means now?


CH4:D said...

it means maybe people will start waking up

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