Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Someone's bitching already? What did I just say?

I was originally slating a time to blog about one of my idealistic methods of improving this country grow when I stumbled upon this article while hooking up my Twitter with local news networks.

First and foremost, it is no military secret that certain government services are ruled by ludicrous incompetence. To air and sensationalize it on international news would be superfluous. Broadcasting to the world that a 3rd world country has poor law enforcement is like booing at Saddam Hussein - we get it, okay?! But to bear the weight of criticisms from the entire world (or at least in Asia) on the failure of a dozen under-trained and outdated policemen is just overkill for such a small issue (and I do emphasize SMALL because that's what it really is). Foreigners die in our country or ANY country for that matter. Hell, we have Iranians, Indians and Koreans getting mugged, raped, murdered or just plain drunk they slipped and fell. Where was your bleeding heart for them?

Secondly, there are literally hundreds of departments in our government, do you honestly expect Noynoy to actually review, criticize and overhaul all of them in two month's time? Shit, I've had 3 software projects lined up for me and I don't even bother to go into the details in all three of them unless I'm actively working on them! It's just too daunting. "The President's job is more critical", you say? I don't buy that crap! Every job entails a degree of urgency that's why it's called a "job". If I don't do my job I cost the company millions - a loss that can just as well be equated to the deaths of Chinese tourists on a bus because someone failed to do their job right. And NO, that is not an apple to oranges comparison! Put simply, you don't do your job - any job - you lose big!

The mistakes of that incident are pretty much highlighted in every discussion. So, yeah, they get that too! They know what went wrong and they're currently fixing it. You think it's easy to spend months in SWAT training? Plus it's going to be even tougher now that they know that they have a lot of catching up to do!

If you complain about our government and want to make a change, YOU run for office. I believe that's what Dan Quayle said and that's exactly what Noy did. At least as a Filipino citizen he exercised his rights. I didn't see YOU running for office and I most definitely didn't see you or any "concerned citizen" storming in that bus and taking down the hostage taker yourself.

Again, I would like to remind us all that complaining and shooting down each other only detracts us all from national stability. If you think there's a better way, you make it happen because no one else will. Do your part as a Filipino.

P.S. Making desperate potshots at this post's wrong grammar, if any, does not count as a valid argument. Stay on the issue!

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