Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lower than Crab Mentality

"I'd rather work with someone who hates me but is good at his job than work with someone who likes me but is a complete idiot." -- Donald Trump (not exactly sure if he said it. I remembered reading it on Reader's Digest)

I've observed this type of superiority complex running around lately and it's really rampant in the field of IT. It's when senior employees bring someone on board who are not as skilled or experienced as they are with the selfish intention of securing their own jobs due to the dependence of an inexperienced team. By influence and seniority they believe that with this simple balance of power they couldn't lose their jobs and thus putting themselves in a situtation with the company in a relative stalemate.

Now, this is all fine and dandy. There's nothing wrong with delusions of job security regardless of the harsh reality that this is actually a myth. Honestly, do most of us actually plan to stay in one company for such great lengths of time? Hell, I don't!

Some of us probably read that toilet paper of a book about one's wealthy father and his poor biological father. (Forgive me for bashing. I had some really bad memories about MLMs with that book.) Successful businessmen who never went through highschool or college got to where they are now by investing in people - college graduates for that matter - who are far better than them. Why? Because it amplifies your company's efficiency! I know this firsthand because I have a grandfather who worked his ass off after he quit highschool. Today, he hires accountants and lawyers who offer skills that he alone does not have. Also, take note that these guys WORK FOR HIM and not the other way around as what most of us are traditionally lead to believe.

Throughout the course of my career I have been disillusioned by the so-called "influential gurus" or "experts in the field". In the no-bullshit reality of it all, these people only look good by surrounding themselves with stupid people. I shit you not, folks, I've seen IT experts with Homer Simpson's IQ (plus a wall full of those certificates that prove how stupid he is) and make moronic decisions that would literally make me look like a god among us. The only right thing he did in his career was hiring people like me on his team to make it actually look like he knew what he was doing. That's the best case scenario. Worst case is the point I've been earlier rambling above. I also had my fair share of working for individuals who are really intent on making sure that he/she maintains their god-complex. Some even actually pretend that they are disappointed with my poor performance. I prefer it we just cut through the bullshit, we both know that you enjoy the ego boost of your actions, right?

If you have no long term goals in a company don't make yourself look incompetent and ignorant by hiring people more inferior than you. It makes your job harder and you mutually make each other miserable. If you want your company and your job to be more efficient, hire people who are BETTER than you.

I always believed that I should hire someone better than me - not lesser nor equal. So before I left one company I put someone on board who was cocky and immature but good. This attitude doesn't bother me because they all outgrow this. I should know! I used to be one of them! The one thing I learned to appreciate about putting someone better than me on board is that the praises ALWAYS pass through me before it gets to him. After all, I was the one in charge. No praise goes by without me sharing a little bit of the sprinklings of their glory.

Lastly, just like your love life, know without a doubt that SOMEONE is always better than you. He may not show up now but he will and it is this humbling realization that will make you a better professional and a better person.

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