Monday, January 03, 2011

3G, WAP, GPRS & MMS Connectivity Settings for your Nokia N8 for Smart, Globe and SUN, etc...

As a Christmas gift (and after weeks of obsessing) I decided to get myself a Nokia N8 (orange because it's simply harder to find. lol). Note: If you don't like to hear my rants skip to the part in bold. ;)

I only had two rules for buying a cellphone: 1) It had to fit in my pocket and 2) it should be no more than 15,000 pesos - both rules do not measure up to the N8. It's worth around 23,000 pesos and will only fit on my back pocket! However, I also had a completely unrelated rule but relates to my rule in buying gadgets: All of my techy shit should be as modular as possible! i.e. I have a separate gadget for my phone, media player and camera. You would think that living the way of the Japanese I would have taken a hint and got an all in one. Stupid, true, but hey, we live in a third world country and holding a device as gorgeous as this would definitely attract some, umm..., envious hands with malicious intent. Should said individuals act on their impulse I would at least have two of the three items intact.

I finally broke down to the sad pitiful realization that I can't or find no reason to get a bigger place and that I simply find it inconvenient to have all these gadgets in one stuffy room. There's just now way I could keep all three gadgets at once. (I keep the box for warranty purposes and I usually sell them after a reasonable age)

Update (11/2011): Finally convinced myself a Macbook Air isn't that bulky and I am planning on letting this handy little phone retire and get a simpler or newer phone. As of this writing the phone value for brand new has dropped to 17,000PHP. Selling price for used at this time ranged between the 7,000-11,000 value)

The only frustration I had was that I had a hard time getting this thing to work on the local mobile networks because there are currently no instructions on how to do this! In fact, Sun Cellular's broadband load won't work on this for some reason.

So to spare my fellow countrymen who had the opportunity to acquire this handy device the Nokia N8 actually doesn't need to send a message to Globe, Sun or Smart! It automatically downloads these settings on initial power on and, mind you, the settings are 100% accurate! If in case you missed that miraculous stroke of genius you can see it action - with no inadvertent duplication of the settings - by going to Menu > Settings > Application Settings > Settings Wizard > Operator. Follow the wizard and the phone sort of handshakes with the network to retrieve the desired MMS, GPRS and Internet settings - streaming as well, where applicable.

Update (2/22/2011): The N8 currently only retrieves the postpaid APN for Globe. For Globe Tattoo users you can update the settings from to in Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Settings > Destinations > Internet > myGlobe Internet

Update (3/9/2011): The same goes for a Smart BRO SIM. If you're using Smart Bro you may need to change the access point for the internet to "smartbro". For some reason it worked using the old settings "internet" for a time when finally it stopped connecting.

Okay, so now with all these rants I have put forward this would now mean that I need to get rid of my PS3. Sheesh!

Oh, by the way, just like the movie Tron: Legacy, the Nokia N8 can actually read and write to a USB drive WITHOUT a computer! I actually didn't expect this type of configuration to actually exist at the time of this writing but there it was - discovered by accident! (by reading the manual no less).

Update: I must have been living in a cave for the most of 2009-2010. The whole USB to mobile device thing is actually called USB On The Go or USB OTG.

Update (02/08/2011): Some SIM cards may not necessarily have access to the provider specific access points. An example here.

Update (03/19/2012): This documentation covers up to the last Symbian Anna firmware. I sold my N8 shortly after upgrading it to Symbian Belle. In theory, the above settings should still work since the menu under settings hasn't changed that significantly.

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