Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Broadband Globe SIMs: Tattoo vs. Xtreme

After purchasing an N8 I started exploring the Internet capabilities of the device. So the WiFi worked like a charm aside from those annoying drops from the signal. I was actually able to download an entire movie using SymTorrent too. I didn't have to mention the porn and the dirty activities I did with the phone so I advice you to wash your hands if you happen to be one of the lucky people to hold my.... uhm, phone.

At first I didn't mind that my phone wouldn't connect myGlobe Internet APN. I kept getting an "Access Denied" or "Conn. Failed" error when using it. myGlobe Connect worked fine. I initially thought that my cheap-ass load wasn't enough to grant me Internet access. For some reason I suspected this to be unusual that my phone would use a WAP access point instead of the Internet. It doesn't  help that with the small fortune of load currently on my phone it still wouldn't connect to the Internet!

After an entire week of reading through forums and configuration tips I came to conclude that WAP wasn't to be used if you're using a full broadband connection. I eventually got in touch with Globe.

At their advice, I went so far as to get in line and had my Globe SIM upgraded just to check if it was an issue with an old SIM. For experimental reasons, I also bought a Globe Tattoo SIM to try out those same access points. I also tried my friend's Globe Super Surf Postpaid SIM with the same settings.

Here's what I found out: http.globe.com.ph DOESN'T work on Globe Xtreme! Two SIMs out of one rules out this issue and to even think the postpaid SIM was for BlackBerry! (Yes, according to their call center my Internet was activated).

It appears the standard SIM from Globe only works on the WAP access points. I guess I'll have to live with having to inform my imaginary friends of my new number and I'm too damn cheap to spend 200 pesos sending the same message to all of them!

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