Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Changing People

If you've seen the movie Inception you get the general idea of the futility of changing people.

As the movie Inception shows, you can't feed a thought into people. That's why it proves what I've known all along that self help books are next to worthless. Those who claim it does are actually the ones who were due for a change anyway or they are simply charitable idiots who enjoy making rich people richer. Generally, you really can't change people unless the power to change comes from them.

Although I'm not exactly a love and life expert (hey, since when has anybody else been an expert?) I have become somewhat of an expert in predicting that people who need advice usually never follow it. I confess to being guilty of this in the past but now I don't take things for granted. I have learned that the most minute trace of wisdom can come from anywhere even from a child.

I am writing about this just now because I want to save people the trouble of yacking 'til their gums bleed to a friend who had just been dumped for the Nth time by the same boyfriend or girlfriend.Give it up! You give them advice to move on and they go behind your back and get back together (mostly because they're horny as hell). You tell them "don't" and they still hook up and break up weeks or months later. It's only until this lunatic cycle comes to its own dramatic conclusion (without your help) that things turn for the better by their own means. You want a shorter and more frank advice to give? Tell them this: "If you're horny talk to them. If not, then keep moving on."

You also can't tell a person to quit a job because they are endlessly whining about the problems around the company. They won't do it because you told them so or the right amount comes along but because they simply don't have the balls to shove their resignation up where the sun don't shine. Put simply, they're not quitting because YOU told them to.

People change themselves. No amount of talking, alcohol binges, kidnapping and varying forms of torture will ever change that (Jigsaw killer: UP YOURS!).

The irony here is that you'll probably think what's the point of this blog of advices if what I just said was pointless. Well, I would just like to reiterate that the purpose of this blog is so I can just bitch online about anything and everything I want. This is my outlet and not something someone can use as a bible (although there's a sense of sexiness to that thought).

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