Friday, November 11, 2011


This blog may very well be the reason for the death of the human race if people were to take this advice seriously and perhaps leaving the world inherited by the brainless version of ourselves.

Early in life I have often imagined myself living in a decent house with a couple of kids frolicking in the yard and a loving wife. A decade later and way past my thirties that fantasy went away with my 20s. I have become a realist, an optimist of sorts and a pessimist by heart.

This would be my entry about why I would never raise children in this modern world.

I can't afford one
Let's face it. In today's economy, the average couple can barely have enough for themselves. We have foreclosures, unemployment, depreciating investments and temptations from the secretary who looks terrible in a skirt.  According to one article, children account for half of your lifetime income. This includes schooling, food and medical bills in times of sickness and insurance in case something happens to you. I am inclined to believe that the analysts were speaking in assumption that we are not Bill Gates. I am not completely selfish and devoid of soul but I am also not stupid. This situation far outweighs the consequences of having children. I make it a point to avoid any recurring expenses that I cannot control. Hence, I prefer variable monthly expenses rather than fixed utility expenses.

I also currently live in a time where financial life is still very unstable. Nothing is certain. You can preach to me all the joys of being a parent. Mind you, I am pretty much aware that more than half of you are just marketing your own misery. I am a firm believer that a partner is someone you share your life with not someone who makes you complete. Those are two completely different things.

For me, having kids is up there with owning a Ferrari AND a mansion. It is a voluntary dream but regardless of this, it is best to plan ahead - always.

I don't want him/her working for someone else
You can blame me for reading Robert Kiyosaki's book of vague references to employer vs employee on this. That being said, even if I could support a family, the only way for my children to live in a self-sustaining environment long after I'm gone is if I leave behind something to keep them going without the mercy of some dipshit employer.

Maybe if I had the comforting thought that my children will one day lead a business empire or rule a country for decades I would consider parenthood.

I don't want them as emotional shield for my future demented wife
Let's face it. Nobody's perfect. Call it love or call it stupidity but for purposes of self-preservation, I prepare for the worst. An overenthusiastic idealist would be offended at the thought of a prenup or the thought of a possible failure in marriage but I am open and accept this as part of life. All things come to an end. Maybe not now but they do happen. As a fatalist, it's not a matter of "if", it's a matter of "when". So WHEN the shit does hit the fan for my marriage it will be my kids who will suffer the full force of its traumatic fate. I could say less for myself since I was expecting it.

So what's the point of all this? Would I ever change my mind? Do note that this is my mindset as dictated by the current external trends happening in my life.

I have yet to meet a woman who can actually at least guarantee me a happy life for half of our years together. Someone who just doesn't give me promises but results.

As of the moment I am enjoying my bachelor life. I can blog here and not give a crap of who doesn't like it. I can post politically incorrect and offensive wall posts on Facebook without the bitching of a better half. I can book a flight to Rio today with a ticket that's worth six months of my salary and having no one to explain the stupidity and impracticality of my actions. Hell, I can buy some worthless junk with absolutely no practical use than to have something to do with your excess income without having to worry that someone in your life is going to starve to death.

So better ask yourself, does getting married and having kids in today's world really worth the trouble? You who have so much to live for and so much to do by yourself. Don't dive into a relationship just because you feel empty or lonely. You'd have a much better exit strategy by "finding Jesus".

As for me, there's still so much to do and somehow I don't see how a relationship or children fit into my life's equation.

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