Monday, March 12, 2012

You are what you look

We've always been told about not judging a book by its cover. Amusingly, in my experience that isn't the case.

Up to this day this advice never made sense to me for the simple reason you CAN actually judge people by what they look.

The girl who looks like a bitch usually is. 

The smiling cute girl you see in the morning is a fucking slut who's probably banged more variations of all sexes and other zoological specimens.

The smirking bastard down the hall is always never takes anything seriously and is a total loser with no future. He doesn't come on time, doesn't work and thinks that life is a goddamn joke.

The bearded bald guy right behind you is a bad ass and hates everyone - including himself. By all means, don't try to provoke him unless you can successfully gut him like a lechon.

The fat guy in front of you is a bully and has self-esteem issues. This one you can taunt and probably outrun till he runs out of breath or die from a heart attack.

The girl who dresses like a Christmas tree seriously needs fashion advice from someone with lesser taste.

The control freak guy in your meeting beats his wife and kids to feel good about himself (as if the meeting wasn't enough). For all I know he's probably an incompetent douche.

The guy who brags about his bling by explicitly mentioning their brands usually lacks self-worth and tries to compensate for it with his personal belongings.

So in case you have any doubts about what kind of person you are, look at yourself in the mirror. Chances are, if you think you're one hot looking stud or "biatch". Most likely I would see you as a "fag magnet" or "daddy's girl". So try to be honest with yourself, 'kay?

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