Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Immigration bullshit

Each and every election always leaves me with the overwhelming need to shoot myself out of hopelessness. However, with each election and the pathetic and incompetent people who won their seats like it was a beauty pageant, I find that it is much easier to shoot everyone else and run for the hills - literally.

Hating to go back on my word many years ago, I have considered jumping ship and moving on to other  places for the famed "greener pastures" like I were some greedy cow or some old guy who just wants to smoke weed.

After talking to some immigration agencies I came across the vile and corrupt system that is the immigration business. The whole business is one big clusterfuck of stupidity and lack of common sense.

I have dashed my hopes of ever leaving this god-forsaken country run by talentless celebrities and even more egotistical politicians. Just like how government offices work, the arduous task of going abroad is just tons of paperwork that lead to no real results and does not benefit the underprivileged.

The most common underlying reasons why it's not so easy for a Filipino to leave his country for a developed one with great benefits appalls me.

You need show money
First of all, this is the most idiotic requirement I have seen in any type of arrangement that it borders on a scam. While it is true that they only require a bank statement to prove financially capacity, said statement must be to the tune of THREE TO FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND FUCKING PESOS! This is the part where I just want to throw a fit! Seriously, if I had that much money would you think that I would bother to leave this fucking country?! This isn't even a guarantee you'll get to travel at all!

I'll get to the explanation in the next point.
We are a third world nation
I recently educated myself that "third world" is considered politically incorrect and that "developing nation" is considered more POLITE. Regardless of what phrase to use it simply means that we are a DIRT POOR nation. 

To the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, while it's true your criminals and your poor people (who own duplex houses) can afford to buy plane tickets to the Philippines and bribe their way through immigration, my people, on the other hand, have to starve for a year to travel to YOUR countries for a MONTH. The rest of us can't even afford a boat ticket! 

So if you're worried that you will be harbouring and supporting our unpleasant rednecks, white trash, bogans and chavs in your country they will most likely starve to death before they make it to your respective embassies.

Immigration through proxy
Immigration agencies and the host nations do not seem to notice this other "cheaper" alternative/loophole.

While they do not accept Filipinos who come directly from the Philippines, they seem to accept them without question if they were coming from Singapore or Hong-Kong or Japan. So what's the deal here? You guys accept assholes from other first world countries but you ALSO accept third world citizens if they came FROM those preferred nations? You'll end up getting our unsavory characters anyway and this is known to happen frequently, the very thing I'm sure you're hoping to avoid.

So what the fuck was the point with all that?! Too much red tape here in the Philippines and for unfounded reasons. If a Filipino can afford to travel to America or wherever then that bullshit visa better be granted to them because the people watching the shores already missed the very people they planned to stop!

Lastly, it's more important these agencies get paid with their commission than you, the client, getting results!

I'm not showing off 500k cash to any of you! Period! And I don't care if you have paper work as thick as the Encyclopedia because one day, as karma always is, you're going to beg us to let you in here!

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