Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Are we genetically designed to be slaves?

A friend who works for a call center and is used to dealing with Americans once told me: "Be nice to American brands, they do their best to satisfy their customers but don't hold back on insulting our stores and services that sell them."

After years of dealing with the shit that is "dedicated Filipino service" I can say with utmost certainty that we may as well have been born with metal cuffs around our ankles and being whipped for the rest of our lives.

I often find myself wondering, why can't we get good service in this country. From the seemingly amiable smiling faces of the most common cellphone shop dealer to the  comprehensive corporate services of the local broadband provider. There is only one thing that is common in all of them, to rob you blind of your hard earned money.

Your high-end cellphone (inevitably) broke after being used for one month? Good luck getting that replaced. The outright replacement expired on the first week! Now you have to begin the agonizing MONTHS long journey of waiting for your cellphone to be "repaired". Yes, you read that right, your spanking new cellphone has to be opened up, operated on and then send it back to you in questionable condition. Free or not, it is NEVER a good idea for any in house minimum wage employee to fucking take your precious P30,000 phone that was assembled by precision machines somewhere in equally underpaid China, take it apart and then MANUALLY repair it in a dusty poorly maintained service center in a tropical country. This is the reason why countries like America or the UK, NEVER offer repair services. It is far too costly to keep someone to fix it. Just take your customers shitty broken cellphone and fucking give him a new one! Why can't our own Filipino businessmen do that?

I'll tell you why:
  1. They don't stock replacement items. I've learned that replacement items are a different inventory from for-sale items. This is primarily because they are merely interested in raking in ignorant consumers who are uneducated about their rights. They then give you that sob story that they can't afford to stock those or they're already doing their best to run their business with low margins. Are they presuming that all the shit they sell is 100% working? Don't they know how the manufacturing is done on the products they sell? BULLSHIT! I've been in this country for most of my life, man - ALL OF MY LIFE! If I had a centavo for every mongoloid businessman who told me his business isn't making money I'd be as equally wealthy. First of all, if your business isn't making money why the FUCK are you still operating? Cut your losses and close shop that's basic business knowledge! What, you're worried that I might rob you or take out a loan, the latter being worse? I mean, what the fuck, you're ALREADY robbing us in the first place! The Filipino double standard mentality at work. I guess all those years of entitlement of waiting for mommy and daddy's money has made you irreparably retarded.
  2. There is really no REAL competition. Yep, that's the product of your beloved People Power that some of you admire so much. No foreign investors means stagnant business ideas and no external competition. The dealers generally get their shit (your drugs) from one source and you and the shop owners are at the mercy of these faceless greedy bastards who have helped draft the 1987 Philippine Constitution. There is usually one EXCLUSIVE distributor in the country for any specific brand, which by most standards is a type of passive monopoly. Going for grey market? Good luck with that. Did I mention this rant is about poor service? Sure, it might even save you a dozen thousand pesos from your overtime pay blowing your boss, but when the shit hits the fan, the dealer is going to look at you like the guy who just met the slut on a one night stand. Basically, that's how shops relate to most of us.
Broadband? We have on of the shittiest overpriced internet in the world. To me, that feat itself is the third most humiliating thing other nations perceive in us, probably third place to re-electing political criminals and fear of the paranormal.

Just recently, we were told that the LTE mobile service will be capped. For those who know any better it is quite obvious that this provider is biting off more than they can chew. As what I mentioned earlier our services simply focus on raking in the cash but don't have the service to back up the bullshit in their marketing. So now at this point you have to resort to calling their call center run by brainless drones bitching about the service, having it recorded and then being uploaded on YouTube. There's a 70% chance you might get something done about it.

Now this leads me to the point of this rant. For roughly three hundred years under Spanish rule it really goes to show what kind of psychological inclination we have are as a nation. Even back then we were prone to cronyism, colonial mentality and easily won over by political coddling. With this in mind, isn't any wonder why the Spaniards thrived in our country for three centuries, albeit effortlessly? Isn't it any wonder why TODAY it still holds true for corrupt officials? I don't really know when or where we fell from grace but it seems that even from our earliest known history we were, to my observation, destined to be slaves, easily swayed to march to our deaths. Just like slaves, if given freedom, we squander it pointlessly.

It also isn't any wonder how, today, we get crappy service from our countrymen. Be an ass, yell at them, throw a fit, and you get what you want. Sure, you get to look like the biggest asshole who walked on Philippine soil, but in almost all cases broadband providers, utility providers, shops and even  your local restaurant will get the ball rolling. Hell, you may even get special privileges. You had to ask yourself why did it come to this? Was this totally necessary for a Filipino to do his job? Historically, yes. Civility isn't exactly one of the masses' shining traits.

Being an ass and humiliating people is the modern day equivalent of whipping the slaves and the product of our squandered freedom or poor judgment is the equivalent of cuffs and shackles.

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