Tuesday, April 08, 2014


So I've noticed I've been talking less for almost a year at a time. I partly blame my ADD for this as I cannot seem to focus on the tempting topics to talk about. Unfortunately, my attention span doesn't permit me to remember to note down what I wanted to rant about.

The second culprit to this is that I have been "inexplicably" happy that I have literally been indifferent about a lot of issues. I realized that I actually write better when I am pissed or depressed or (my personal favorite) drunk, an extremity of my emotions that I have not been able to reach lately. You will probably think I'm suffering from some form of hormonal imbalance or some neurological condition and you would be right.

Mind you, while my mind seems to delude itself with thoughts of happiness, my body doesn't seem to agree with it. Lately, I've been experiencing some health issues including but maybe not limited to questionable kidney and lung problems plus I'm having my initial bout of alopecia for some reason.

Well, I guess much to the relief of the people who hate reading my shit, I will be writing less often then. Unless, of course, something else rubs me the wrong way or my hormones start changing in the other direction.

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